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lady wearing life jacketSearching for the right academy that can get you or your crew through their certification requirements and transform them into competent and capable crew members can be a challenging task. As one of the only MCA accredited training facility in all of Asia our team is capable of guiding you or your entire crew through their training and build successful careers in the maritime industry. Working on at sea does offer impressive salary and a lifestyle that suits people who want to take advantage of travelling the world. Being able to visit exotic locations while earning money at the same time is a dream for many. However, ths industry does have strict critera for crew training to ensure the safety of staff and passengers on every vessel. This focus on safety has made certifications like the STCW 2010 training madatory for all crew members. At Maritime Education Services we have state of the art facilities, and our courses are internationally recognized so you will have no problem landing the job of your dreams after graduating.

Our Most Popular Courses

Get your certification at one of the best universities in the world

Are You Due For A Refresher?

In January of 2016 a change to legislation introduced a policy that requires all crew members on board super yachts and oil rigs to take part, and successfully complete a STCW Refresher course before the end of December.

A key reason behind the change is to ensure that all sea going vessels are up to the same standards of safety.

In light of this new requirement, we have increased the number of STCW 2010 refresher courses offered each and every month.

Kick Starting Maritime Careers

The Superyacht Training Camp is a great option for those who looking to get started working at sea as a deckhand, steward or stewardess, chef or an engineer. 

This week long course will teach you everything you need to know to be certified and completely confident with all aspects of your position when learning how to get started working on cruise ships and superyachts.


I’m amazed of how fast I got this stewardess position onboard M/Y Eclipse. I’ve never thought I will actually be a professional superyacht crew but Galileo Maritime Academy has taught me self confidence and how to succeed in the captain’s interview.

Ms. Sopa Jantalun

Train At One Of the Best Schools In The World

aerial view Get the qualifications you need for starting your dream job at one of the best facilities in the world. As one of the only maritime schools in Asia that offers MCA accredited courses, you can relax knowing that the certification you receive is of the highest standard and will make it easier for you to walk straight into a job once your training has been completed.

We offer a number of specialized programs, the most popular being STCW 2010 and STCW refresher courses which are designed to provide you with all of the basic knowledge and experience needed to be successful in the this industry.

Along with being based at a world class location and having an incredible team of instructors, we also include accommodation and meals for every student. This makes it easy for booking you to book everything in a single action without having to find nearby hotels or worry about travelling to and from the training center every day.

One of the main reasons student’s visit us for their training is the costs and savings available. Completing your STCW or Deck Hand Training Courses in Thailand is much cheaper than you’ll find anywhere in else in the world. Another reason is to visit one of the most beautiful locations on the planet!

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Can hear the sound of the ocean calling your name? Then what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our friendly staff to book your training today! Our professional instructors will give you the knowledge and confidence to be successful in your chosen field. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in Phuket very soon.

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