About Our Maritime Training Center

maritime academy

All of the training facilities at Maritime Education Services are start of the art. We have everything that you’ll need to successfully complete your STCW courses, Deckhand certifications or any of the programs that we offer. The facility has been purpose built to cater for all types of students and our team of world class instructors will make sure you have all of the knowledge and confidence to complete your MCA certificate quickly and efficiently with complete focus on giving you the skills to become one of the top workers in your chosen field.

The Only Academy in Asia to Complete Your MCA Course

Our training facilities are located in close proximity to 4 large marinas in Phuket, which is one of the southern most areas of Thailand that sees all types of vessels entering and exiting port. In fact the area serves as one of the main hubs in Thailand for super yachts and other large ocean going cruise ships. There is also a lot of commercial ships that pass though the islands making it an ideal place for students to train within a live environment and have access to companies that may be seeking newly trained staff to join their crew.

Crew Training Experts

The instructors at Maritime Education Services can provide you or your crew with a comprehensive range of courses. No matter which MCA certification is needed there is a class available for all jobs and it can be completed from start to finish in a single location.

Stay in 5 Start Accommodation

After a long day of training you want to relax and not have to worry about travelling to hotels and finding somewhere nice to eat. Each of the training courses we offer include a private room in a 5 star villa and all of your meals as well. This lets you focus on the course requirements and being able to relax while getting to know your students and teachers at the end of the day. Our luxury accommodation also includes a resort style swimming pool to help you cool off in the warm tropical surroundings.

Affordable Maritime Training

We strive to provide students with an affordable opportunity to obtain their training from the number one maritime academy in all of Asia. We provide our students with only the most dedicated instructors. The instructors running each and every one of the courses offered here at Maritime Education Services, we are extremely dedicated, friendly, and helpful to the students who are enrolled in their courses to fulfil their required training and obtain their required certification for the job they are hoping to get. These obtain their required certification for the job they are hoping to get. These instructors are extremely qualified and experienced after many years in the industry, as well.

Complete your STCW Courses & Yacht Stewardess Training in Beautiful Surroundings

Finally, we want all of our students to complete their training and certification in comfort, luxury, and style. For this reason, the cost of our courses includes luxury accommodations with a resort style pool, three delicious meals a day to keep students going while attending the lessons included in the courses, and a beautiful campus.

With all of these great benefits right at the fingertips of anyone who chooses to enrol in any of our state of the art courses here at Maritime Education Services, it is the ideal place for someone interested in working in the maritime industry to gain all of the knowledge, skill sets, experience, and certification to succeed in their field of choice. If you are interested in enrolling in a course, contact us right away with any questions you might have, or make the necessary arrangements and book your course with us today. It is an experience you will not regret!