Efficient Deck Hand Course

Completion of the Efficient Deck Hand or EDH Course is an important step of your superyacht training. You will learn how to handle all of your core duties in the role, including rope and knot tying skills, being responsible for basic maintenance as well as controlling heavy lifting duties among other tasks that are needed to make everything on board run smoothly.

What does the EDH course include?

Throughout the course you will learn about the theory and practical aspects of being a competent and capable steward or stewardess on super yachts. You’ll get hands on practice at our state of the art training facility in each of the below topics:

  • Boarding arrangements and planning
  • Cargo loading and handling
  • Emergency situations and safety instructions
  • Rope & knot tying
  • Ship organization and management
  • Deck equipment and ship parts

How long does this training go for?

You’ll need to be on campus for 5 ½ days to complete all of the training modules and the examinations to obtain your EDH certificate.

The EDH course is has recently become a mandatory component of the Officer of Watch or OOW course. 

Are there any prerequisites?

You will need to provide one or more of the following certificates during the booking process.

  • A Royal Yachting Association certificate or an International Yacht Training certificate;
  • Fishing Class 2 CoC;
  • Fishing Class 2 CoC or the Seafish 5 day watchkeeping course for under 16.5m fishing certificates;
  • BML Tier 1 level 2 certificates; Or
  • Have a tug rating along with at least 6 months sea time and a steering certificate.

You will also need to have spent a minimum of 6 months working on board a super yacht and be at least 17 years of age. 

What is the benefit of having an EDH certificate?

Having the Efficient Deckhand certificate in your arsenal of qualifications shows employers that you have a greater understanding of working on a super yacht and can also work on a variety of other vessels. You should research your career paths and have a clear understanding of which courses are most suitable for your chosen career path.

Who are we?

Maritime Education Services is one of the only MCA training facilities in Asia. We have some of the best trainers in the world at out college and can help you get started in the marine industry or keep moving towards your career goals. Take the first step in the right direction and use the contact form below or call our admissions staff directly.


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