Crowd Management Training (CMT) Course
for Oil and Gas Rig Crews

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Crowd Management Course Description

While working on an Oil and Gas Rig Crew, it is possible that one might encounter a situation that will require them to manage groups of people to get them where they are supposed to be in a safe, secure and orderly manner. This is not a skill that comes to many people naturally, which is why we at Maritime Education Services offer the Crowd Management Training Course for Oil and Gas Rig Crews.

This course spans over the length of a single day, intended to educate the members of oil and gas rig crews on the practical knowledge of how to manage large or small groups of individuals, whether they be crew or passengers, in stressful situations or emergencies. These are situations where it might be of utmost importance to keep a level head and direct everyone accordingly, to get them to do what they need to do in an orderly fashion.

This course goes over all of the rules and procedures that are necessary to put into practice in order to achieve effective crowd management during a stressful or emergency situation that might arise while on board of an oil and gas rig. The course explains the various factors that come into play and the different aspects of the human mind that will affect the behaviour of the individuals you are attempting to manage.

Knowing how humans are affected during situations like this will help train students to anticipate reactions they will have, and to know how to react to them to get them to act in the manner that they are supposed to. This will aid students in avoiding panic and a loss of control in the event of an emergency or stressful situation while on board of a maritime vessel.

The types of individuals that this course is intended for includes all crew members who may be responsible for any duty or aspect of work on board that involves assisting the crew or the passengers of a vessel while they are subjected to emergencies, crowded conditions, or the evacuation of an offshore installation or vessel.

Here at Maritime Education Services, with the skilled instructors and comprehensive curriculum, anyone who takes this course is bound to excel in all of the material that it covers.

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The Crowd Management Training Course covers all the important skills needed while working on board of an oil and gas rig.

During one day, you will be provided with all of the necessary information that any student taking it might need in order to succeed in all of the material covered.

While working on board an oil or gas rig, this training will also give students all of the necessary know how they will need in order to handle crowd control situations with a level head and rationality. These skills are extremely important for anyone working on an oil or gas rig who might need to manage either large or small crowds of people.

The one day course will include videos, discussions and interactive exercises.

Course Information


1 day


Please make sure to arrive on campus the same morning the course is starting and you can depart the evening of the same day.

What’s Included?

Your 1 day course in Phuket will include:

  • Airport shuttle service to and from our campus
  • Lunch and snacks prepared by our chefs
  • Expert tuition
  • Course material
  • Certificate upon graduation
MCA certified courses for crowd control techniques on superyachts

What’s Not Included

Your flight tickets to and from Phuket aren’t included in this course. It’s best to book your flights once you have received confirmation on which dates your course starts and ends.

What to Bring

Please make sure to bring the items below before starting the course:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your identity card, if requested
  • Laptop, pens and notebook to take notes during the course


You can either pay by cash, bank transfer or Western Union the total amount of the course when registering. We ask that a 50% deposit is made no later that 10 days after registration to secure your spot in the course.