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While working at sea, either on a cruise ship, oil rig or a super yacht it’s likely that you will encounter situations where you will need to manage large groups of people in order to get them to a safe location in an emergency. Just like talking in front of a large audience, the ability of controlling the movements of a crowd isn’t one that comes naturally. That’s what our Crowd Management Training is designed to teach you.

Over the full day our instructors will give you all of the theory and practical knowledge you need to plan and control a crowd in a crisis, as well as successfully passing the short exam to get your crowd management certificate. You will learn how to create a management plan for all situations to ensure the safety of your fellow crew members and all of the passengers on board.

It’s not always easy keeping your cool and directing everyone in an orderly fashion during high stress settings where tension and pressure can effect everyone’s emotions, but you will know how to keep a level head and direct everyone accordingly, to get them to do what they need to do in an orderly fashion.

The STCW crowd management course includes all of the proven procedures that are necessary to ensued the safety large and small groups. You’ll learn about the various factors that come into play and the different aspects of the human mind that will affect the behaviour of the individuals you are attempting to manage.

Having first had experience in seeing how humans in general will act makes it easy for our instructors to train students exactly what to look for in people, and how to handle your own feelings about what might be happening. The main focus is to teach your brain the best ways to avoid panic and feeling out of control during the event.

If you are planning a long career in the maritime industry as crew member responsible for any duties that relate to assist passengers and crew members on board, then this is one certification you can’t overlook the importance of.

Here at Maritime Education Services, with the skilled instructors and comprehensive curriculum, anyone who takes this course is bound to excel in all of the material that it covers.

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Topics that you’ll cover

The crowd management training modules are delivered via group and individual discussions as well as interactive exercises along with some brief videos. All of these are aimed at giving you all the skills and practical knowledge needed while working at sea.

The human behaviour factors is one of the largest training points you will cover on the day. 

Course Duration

This course is ran over a single, full day – you will need to arrive on campus the day beofre to ensure that you’re ready to start bright and early.

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