STCW Refresher Course
for Oil and Gas Rig Crews

Refresher training for oil and gas rig crew members

STCW Refresher For Oil Rig Crew Members

There is a requirement imposed by international convention for all offshore crew and seafarers who have undergone the Basic Safety Training Course for Oil and Gas Rig Crews to undergo a mandatory 1½ day refresher course after every 5 years for them to be assured that they are still up to date on all of the safety protocols and procedures that should be observed while on board of any maritime vessel. This rule is strictly enforced as a method of ensuring that safety measures and practices are continually maintained as a priority on any crew. This is done as an effort to make sure that dangerous situations can and will be avoided at all costs.

With our course here at Maritime Education Services, if you are due for an update on your safety course qualifications because it has been 5 years since the last time you underwent a course covering the basic safety requirements to be observed on a maritime vessel, then we can help!

With our refresher course, you will be able to update your credentials quickly and efficiently, and this will allow you to get right back to doing what you do best, completing all of the tasks that are expected of you in the maritime industry while practicing the safest methods and precautions.

If you are looking to take this course in order to fulfil your requirement of renewing your qualifications for safety, then you can rest assured that this course meets all possible standards and requirements that could be needed of your certification.

This refresher course was designed to meet the requirements of the basic safety training update of STCW, and it is completely in accordance with the guidelines laid out in section A-VI/1 of the STCW code. Furthermore, this refresher course also meets all of the criteria demanded of the IMO and MNT, and the certification standards imposed by the MCA.

Our academy here at Maritime Education Services has been accredited directly by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) of the Department of Transport of the United Kingdom, so we are qualified to issue perfectly legitimate MCA certificates for crew and seafarers working offshore.

Let us help you renew your requirements for safety procedures and regulations on our campus. It is important to ensure that, while on any maritime vessel, all of the proper safety protocols and procedures are in place to avoid any emergency situations or crises. Even more than that, it is essential to know how to handle these situations in the event that they do arise. For that reason, we have the best instructors to help you through the course, as well as having everything that you need to refresh your knowledge of safety in comfort and style.

With our luxury accommodations, resort style pool, and delicious meals served, the 1½ day course will be over all too quickly, and you will be back to doing what your job.

professional training for seafarers



You will understand, identify and practice basic sea survival measures in water during maritime emergencies.


This is a standard competency topic which will help you understand and identify causes and dangers of fires onboard through fire prevention theories and fire fighting practice.

STCW Refresher Course Information


1 and 1/2 days


Please make sure to arrive on campus one day before the course starts. Depending on your travel plans, people generally leave campus one day after the course finishes.

What’s Included?

Your 2 Days / 3 nights in beautiful Phuket will include

  • Airport shuttle service to and from our campus
  • Accommodation in a luxury Thai villa with swimming pool
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday prepared by our world class chefs
  • Expert Training: On-land at the campus and our training ships. For the water training you will visit the Thanyapura Sports Club.
  • Uniform and all materials needed for the course
  • Swimming Classes (if needed)
  • Printed graduation certification upon course completion

What’s Not Included

Your flight tickets to and from Phuket aren’t included in this course. It’s best to book your flights once you have received confirmation on which dates your course starts and ends.

Get your stcw 2010 refresher training for oil and gas rig crew in Thailand

What to Bring

Please make sure to bring the items below before starting the course:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your identity card, if requested
  • Laptop, pens and notebook to take notes during the course
  • Suitable clothes: two to three shorts (beige / white); flat soft shoes (beige, black or white); flip flops; swimming suit; sunglasses and an outfit for special evening occasions.
  • Toiletries
  • Medical kit or any medicines you may require.


You can either pay by cash, bank transfer or Western Union the total amount of the course when registering. We ask that a 50% deposit is made no later that 10 days after registration to secure your spot in the course.