Cruise Ship Crew Training Courses

All of the super yacht crew training courses offered at Maritime Education Services are designed to ensure you get the highest quality skills and certifications that can be used worldwide. Each course is delivered in compliance with MCA, IMO, MNTB and ISPS standards. 

Group sizes are kept to a minimum to ensure there is plenty of one on one time with your instructors and you receive the information needed to excel not only in the exams, but in real life situations when you are working at sea.

If you are searching for a module which isn’t listed below our staff will be happy to help arranging private classes for you.

Basic Safety Training Course – STCW 2010

For anyone working on a cruise ship, the STCW 2010 certificate is now a mandatory part of all crew members training. You can join one of our monthly sessions for this course and stay at our training center for the 5 and a half day duration.

Click the image or course name to learn more about what’s included, the dates of our next class and how to make a booking to secure your spot.

STCW Refresher Course 

Ran over 1 and a half days, the STCW 2010 Basic Safety Refresher course or STCW-R  is a mandatory sessions that all seafarers who have successfully completed the full training will need to attend and pass at least once every 5 years to remain certified. 

All of your meals and accommodation is included when you book this course – you can click the image to read more about this refresher course.

Proficiency in Crisis Management and Human Behaviour

One of our most popular courses for cruise ship crew who want to take their passanger safety to the next level! Click here and see everything you’ll learn while attending this training that’s packed with value that will last for your entire career.

The admissions staff are always available to answer any questions you might have prior to booking your spot in the next class.

Crowd Management Training Course (CMT)

Book your place in our next STCW crowd management training course at our state of the art facilities in Phuket, Thailand. This one day training sessions provides practical knowledge on how to deal with groups of people in stressful situations.

Click here to read more about the CMT course and how it’s designed for super yacht crew members who are in charge of assisting passengers.

Medical First Aid at Sea Course (MFA)

Another of our popular MCA approved certifications is the Medical First Aid at Sea course which is designed for anyone working on board a super yacht and is responsible for providing medical assistance in the event of an emergency.

Click the course name or photo to learn more about this course and when you can join the next session.

Proficiency in Designated Security Duties

This training session is designed for crew members who are responsible for maintaining security duties on board a super yacht while it is at sea or docked. While there is no formal requirements to attend this course, some experience at sea would be ideal.

Click here to read more about how the Proficiency in Designated Security Duties training can boost your career in the maritime industry.

ISPS Maritime Security Audit (MSA) Course

Knowing how to complete a detailed and accurate security audit of a crusie ship is a key role for anyone interested in working at sea. We are currently working on new information to publish on this training.

If you’re interested in attending and would like to learn more about the duration, modules and costs involved please get in touch with our admission team.

ISPS / MCA Ship Security Officer (SSO) Course

Learning how to be a professional security officer is one of the most rewarding cruise ship careers you could choose that allows you to get started with no experience needed.

We are drafting new website content for a number of cruise ship courses at the moment, but if you’re interested in attending or have any questions our staff are ready to assist you in any way needed.

ISPS / MCA Company Security Officer (CSO) Course

This training session is one of the most important steps for those wondering how to get a job working on a cruise ship. We are currently designing new infromation for the CSO course – however you can get in touch with our admissions team to discuss any questions you might have about attending.

Human Behaviour in Disaster Prevention (HBDP) Course

Being able to predict and anticipate how your passangers will behave in the event of an emergency is an important qualification for cruise ship jobs. The admissions team will be able to assit you with the booking process – we are in the process of creating new information to the published on the website.