How You Can Start Working On Superyachts

Discover how ben got a job working on superyachts within a week of training

Getting yourself setup to work on-board a superyacht isn’t as complicated or difficult as most people think. For someone getting started in the maritime industry our superyacht deck hand training raining is perfect for jumping starting your career working on world class boats, and you’ll also have access to our vast network of contacts all over the world who are looking for certified and capable crew members to join their teams.

Meet Ben

The easiest way for us to explain how we get a lot of our graduates into the industry fast is to share some stories of recent students who completed their training at our Phuket facilities and have gone onto achieve their dream of being able to work and travel to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations all while being paid to do so.

Ben came to us looking for a career change from delivering milk in North Queensland and enrolled in the Superyacht Deckhand Course which includes the STCW 2010 certification. Before the 15 day training session was completed he knew this was the best choice he’d made and started talking with our instructors about job openings, work placement and referrals that could be provided to help get him started in the new career.

You can read more about Ben by clicking here and following his blog.

A new life in less than 3 weeks

Within 7 days of Ben successfully completing his training the instructors has connected him with several companies who were searching for new staff and he was able to get started in a new position and work on a yacht with no experience outside the training he had just completed.

It was great to see a new graduate being offered multiple roles and having a choice on which was more suited to him rather than having to apply to individual companies and have to way to hear back. Ben accepted a position as Deckhand on the Motor Yacht Latitude, which is a 45 metre Timmerman just hours after his training had been completed and the horizons in his life were changed for ever.

About The Latitude

The history of the super yacht is what made Ben’s new deck hand position even more exciting for him was the most recent voyages of the Latitude. During the past 2 years the crew had taken a number of journeys through the Arctic Circle and navigated the North-West passage from East to West before returning back West to East making it only the 9th vessel in history to navigate the passage in both directions consecutively. The same route has proven deadly for many captain and crew.

A whole different world and lifestyle

Ben explained how he felt during his first visit to the Circle where it can remain in constant sunlight for 24 hours – sometimes lasting 6 months. Being able to take photos at any time was something he found great, and the midnight sun is particularly good for photography effects. The adjustment to seeing the sunset came easily but was still quite surreal after so long without seeing one.

Being able to connect with the locals of Scalbard who come together and celebrate for several days when the sun returns after their 6 months in almost complete and permanent darkness. The feeling of seeing countless beautiful glaciers and wildlife like polar bears was another highlight for Ben.

There have been several trips back to the Arctic Circle since Ben completed his training with us here at and each has given him some great memories that he will cherish for ever, while also providing a fantastic source of income for him and his family.

Certified Training and Work Placement

One massive thing that sets us apart from other training agencies is the connection made with all of our students. We treat everyone like family and want you to achieve your dreams in the maritime industry. No matter what role or type of superyacht you’re hoping to work on, the instructors will make sure you have the best training and connections available to make that a reality.