Oil and Gas Rig Training Courses

On this page you can see all of the oil and gas training programs offered at Maritime Education Services. Getting started in this area of the industry can lead to some very lucrative careers, but you will need to have all the right qualifications – that’s where we come in!

All of the oil rig courses ran at our school are setup to give you the skills and certifications needed to excel in your chosen field. Our class sizes are kept to a minimum to ensure all students get the information needed to pass the exams and be confident in all areas of the training.

If you’d like more information about a particular course, or can’t locate what you’re looking for our team of friendly staff are available on chat, phone or email to help with any questions you may have.

STCW 2010 – Basic Safety Training Course

A mandatory qualification for those getting started with their oil and gas careers, the STCW 2010 programs are designed to give you all of the basic safety training information needed to carry out day to day tasks while working at sea.

Maritime Education Services is one of the best training schools in the world. We includes private accommodation and all meals with every one of our courses.

STCW 2010 Refresher Course

With this certification now being mandatory for all crew members, we are running the 1 and a half day class several times each and every month now. If you have completed the full course above within the last 5 years then attending a refresher course is all you need to do. 

For dates and pricing information you can click the image or get in touch with our admissions team. You will need to arrive 1 day prior to the training commencing.

Crisis Management and Human Behaviour Course

While this course is mainly designed for passanger vessels, its a great addition to your resume if you’re just getting started in the maritime industry. Click the link and get all the information about the course and benefits of attending

Our admissions team are always available to answer any questions about the course, accomodation or travel to our training facilities in Thailand.

STCW Crowd Management

Learn all of the skills and techniques needed to correctly manage large groups of people in stressful and emergency situations with our crown management training course. Being an MCA accredited course your certification will be recognised anywhere in the world.

Click the image or course name to learn more about what’s included when you book. If you have questions about fees or dates please contact our admissions team directly.

MCA Medical Training Course

Holding an MCA approved certification in Medical First Aid at Sea is a huge benefit for anyone getting started with their oil and gas rig training. This is one program that all crew members should complete, regardless of how much impact it has on employment. Being able to save a passenger or a fellow crew member is a vital skill for anyone working at sea. 

PDSD Course

Completing the Proficiency in Designated Security Duties at Maritime Education Services will not only get you an internationally recognised MCA certification, but you’ll walk away with all the skills and expertise needed to apply for and land any oil or gas rig job you wish.

Click the image or course name to learn more about what’s included in the training programs, or you can contact our admissions team directly.

ISPS Maritime Security Audit (MSA) Course

The team are currently working on more detailed and informative information for this particlar course – it will be published on our website very soon.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in attending the next class or you would like to speak with someone about what’s invloved please contact us directly.

ISPS / MCA Ship Security Officer (SSO) Course

If you’re interested in this oil and gas training course please contact our admin staff directly for now – we are in the process of cleaning up some areas of the website to make if easier to read, understand and navigate for our students.

Ship Security Officer Course

Your qualifications and certification is part of the requirements to work on board a vessel like an oil rig – but you’ll need to refine your skills completely to make sure you are proficient with your designated duties and have all the awareness needed to complete your daily tasks.

The maritime ship security officer course, or SSO course, is a vital piece of training to progressing in your career working at sea.

Human Behaviour in Disaster Prevention (HBDP) Course

Another course that we are in the process of updating on the website – feel free to get in touch with our team id you’re interested in attending of have questions on when the next session will be ran.

To get more information on any course please get in touch with our admissions team