How You Can Start Working on Superyachts with No Experience

Imagine being able to travel anywhere in the world for FREE, visiting destinations that some people only ever dream of seeing? Sounds amazing, right!

Well, today is the day you take your first steps towards a rewarding and lucrative career working on superyachts.

We have partnered with the BEST in the business when it comes to Maritime Education & Training as well as specialists in job placement opportunities to create a VERY special Superyacht Training Camp that will give you everything you need for the best possible start in your new superyacht career path.

So, whether you wondering about how to become a Deckhand, how to get started working as a Steward or Stewardess, perhaps you dream of being an executive Chef on luxury cruise ships, or an Engineer in charge of maintenance and repairs, then you’re definitely going to want to keep reading and be apart of this!

It doesn’t matter which area you are focused on when it comes to working on board a super yacht, this 7 day camp is specially designed to give you all the tools needed to not only gain certifications you need, but become a leader in any career path working on board superyachts that you have chosen as you own.

What’s so special about this camp compared to others you ask? We’ve answered all this and more below! 

World Class Training Facilities & Trainers

From the moment you arrive at our campus in Phuket, Thailand you will feel empowered just by being at the largest marina in the Asia Pacific that overlooks the beautiful scenery of Phang Nga Bay. 

Train with the best to become the best in a state of the art, purpose build training centre, complete with a residence centre for students and crew just 200m from the marina, along with private training rooms, a 3 meter deep training pool, waterfront workshops as well as a the 92 foot Pershing M/Y Cavallino, and the 7.5m rescue boat!


Study at the Best Maritime Academy in the World

Your entire Superyacht Training Camp will be completed inside our purpose built Maritime Training Academy that contains everything you need to succeed in your new career. Located at one of the biggest marinas in Southern Thailand you will have access to all this and more!

Dedicated Training Rooms

Water Front Engineering Workshops

Private Crew Residence 200m from the Marina

Fully Equipped Corporate Boardrooms 

Survival Training Pool 

Rescue Boats and Training Yachts

Premium Water Front Restaurant

Introducing Your Trainers

We have built the Dream Team of dedicated instructors who are international experts in their respective fields to make sure you get the very highest level of training possible when you book your Superyacht Training Camp session with us.

With a large focus on realistic and practical training of how to handle any situation on board a yacht, you’ll spend minimal time in the classrooms and more in the pool, at sea or at the docks.

The Right Course to Get Started 

Since late 2016, any person employed as crew on board any vessel over 24m in length must hold valid and up to date STCW 2010 certification, which is short for “Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping” and also includes 5 separate modules. 

With the STCW 2010 being an industry requirement, it’s an important and logical starting point for anyone getting started in their maritime career. Completing this certification as part of the Superyacht Training Camp will also provide you with MCA accreditation, which is the highest level standard qualification accepted around the world & puts you a bar above the competition when you begin attending interviews.

Choosing Your Superyacht Career Path

If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’re fairly certain on which career path you want to take working on superyachts, however most people don’t know that it is possible to specialise in one, two or even all four of the entry level positions! The Superyacht Training Camp is designed to cater for any path you dream to take.


Steward / Stewardess



We’ve included a brief overview of each path further down the page, just in case you decide to choose more than 1 skillset in your new career! Feel free to have a look over the additional information and reach out to our admissions team to chat about any questions you may have.

If you are ready to book your Superyacht Training Camp please complete the form below. It will help us a lot of you include a link to your recent resume and any certifications that you currently hold. We look forward to training with you!

Kick Start Your Maritime Career with the Superyacht Training Camp

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Learn More about Each Superyacht Path

Generally speaking, most students that join the Superyacht Training Camp tend to have a good idea on which area of a superyacht or cruise ship that they would like to work in, however it’s not uncommon that we discover hidden skillsets in people who attend our maritime training courses, and find themselves more comfortable and happier in a slightly different position. 

Become a Deckhand with No Experience

For those interested in becoming a Deckhand but are unsure of exactly what’s involved in this position on board a superyacht, we’ve laid out some of the key responsibilities below for you. 

Cleanliness and Maintenance

Keeping the vessel running at peak performance and keeping all exterior areas 100% clean is a large part of a deckhands tasks, as is assisting with the manoeuvring of the yacht when entering or exiting the port. 

You’ll also be involved with maintenance activities such as wash downs, painting, varnishing, fibreglass restoration, polishing, finishing, carpentry, sanding and more.

Working on a Yacht as a Steward or Stewardess

The role of the stewards and stewardess crew on board any super yacht is the starting point for all interior positions in the Maritime industry. In this position, you will be responsible for keeping the inside of the vessel spotless and engaging with the guests for the duration of their stay. 

Having a keen eye for detail and customer focused mindset is a very important part of becoming an exceptional steward or stewardess! 

In addition to general cleaning and hospitality tasks, general housekeeping, laundry and stock management is also included in this role on a yacht.

Superyacht Engineer Career Entry

Getting started as superyacht Engineer in the Maritime industry is perfect for those with a technical and mechanical mindset! Being in charge of the functionality of everything on board the vessel can involve your team working on large, complicated tasks or jobs as small as fixing a television remote controller. 

Being a superyacht engineer means taking on the mechanical and electrical operations of the yacht. This position on board entails very large and complicated jobs, while at the same time, incorporates jobs as small as fixing a remote control for guests!

Working as a Chef on a Superyacht

For a guest, the quality of the food and beverages served on their superyacht adventure is one of the most important and memorable areas that you can be involved in. The standards are usually set very high for obvious reasons, and most entry level positions begin working as part of a team as a Sous Chef while gaining more experience.

Unlike working as a Chef in a restaurant, you will often be responsible to do complete a range of tasks from menu preparation, ordering of supplies, cooking meals and cleaning. As a Chef on a superyacht you’ll also need to be prepared to deal with orders coming at any time of the day, as well as last minute changes for dietary requirements of certain guests. 

While this does sound quite challenging, with the proper training you’ll receive at our Superyacht Training Camp, you’ll learn how to handle any of the above situations and run your own kitchen in a way that ensures all of your guests completely love every meal you prepare for them.

Discover How To Start Your New Career